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If you are anything like me, then, sitting on the table with your head into work is the way to get things done! Right? Of course. What else?
It did not take me long to realize how off I was in that thinking. You see when there is a particular work that needs to be done, it involves 2 things;
1. Knowing what to do and taking action.
2. Thinking about what outcome is needed, coming up with creative ideas which resonate with your nature and then feeling inspired to go do that!
What I found is that #1 is pretty straightforward. You know exactly what to do and need to have focus, set aside the time and just do it!
It’s #2 that usually gets me. And when you are stuck on that it causes procrastination, sometimes feels like overwhelm and bogs me down.
That’s when I have found that connecting with nature is one of the many ways to get clarity, my creativity sparked and return back to the issue with a fresh perspective and motivation.
There is one more insight on this;
When you need clarity, are feeling overwhelmed and your head feels full, then even a 10-minute walk outdoors does wonders. Pick different routes, avoid going in a rectangle and enjoy it rather than thinking about the problem. It is magical.
When you need inspiration, creative solutions, a custom original idea, then going out in nature for longer periods does the trick. A full-day trip or at least couple of hours of walking, hiking etc with no agenda in mind.
This is the kind of day I had last weekend and my upcoming blogs will be a testament to how well this works! Here I share the inspiration one gets from being connected to nature!
 Note to self; Got to do more of this!
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