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Hi Friends,
So this is a little wild. Typically while on the exhibit floor of the Pacific Dental Conference I would have done my customary browsing of all the aisles, stopping to listen to an enthusiastic exhibitor seriously explain the newest gadget or the latest composite material, picking up some free chocolates and toothbrush samples for the kids, glancing at the long line of dental professionals wait for the free 10 minute massage or free coffee and with an attitude of “I know it all …nothing’s really new” walked out! Then back to the lecture room with half-hearted enthusiasm!

This was until I woke up and took ownership of my own joy and happiness!

My goodness! Everything just changes. It’s real magic!!!
This time I was more conscious and persistent in sensing and generating joy …even on the exhibit floor of the Dental Convention on a Friday afternoon!

Really guys and girls…just try it for yourselves. Look at me…the vendors went berserk! But I had fun, learned so much, they enjoyed talking with me and I managed to capture some snippets to share with all of you!


How cool is that? A disclaimer; I have no affiliation what-so-ever with any of the vendors. I was just having fun learning new things.

We really can create joy and happiness. Here are layers to it:
1. Creating a natural inclination to joy..consciously being curious about our surrounding, releasing expectations and enjoying small things.
2. Knowing WE have the ability to choose our emotions…if we wish to feel joy and gratitude then we direct our actions to achieve that result.

3. Cheerfully engaging in the moment… being mindful in the moment.

Listen, If anyone is feeling blue like they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel…just click the link below and set up a Dare to Dream Strategy call with me. You will see the magic in what I am saying!



How much Joy and gratitude are you bringing in Your Life?

Proud of you and your hard work,


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