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How to become the CEO of your Dental Practice?
The key stuff successful business owners focus on!

I vividly remember picking up the phone, when the 3rd phone line was ringing while I was at lunch in my office thinking I can just help my front desk out. There were times I would take the used tray back into sterilization just trying to be helpful to my assistant.

All these one-time things that I did…if I add them up…took up a significant part of my time and distracted me from what I was doing. In hindsight, I can clearly see that if I had spent more of my time in learning how to hire the best team players and in training my team, I would have been so much better off in the long run!

When it comes to time management and productivity… understanding what are CEO tasks and what are employee tasks is the most important step.

Once you identify the employee that is holding you back, you can truly move to the next level.

This starts by focusing on what things you need to work ON the practice and not IN the practice.

Only then can you start making smarter decisions on delegating, outsourcing, training etc.

Once you set the tone and the vision for your practice, you can communicate that vision to your staff and inspire them. You can also help them to have a clear finish line so you can have the necessary strategy and systems to properly measure performance.

It is very tempting while you are working through this process to focus too much on the short term costs and not the long-term overall benefits to your practice and your life.

You can then focus your time on responsibilities like production, scheduling, and management of your staff. You can also set appropriate goals for the practice, yourself, and your team.

This will also allow you to evaluate your team appropriately so you can use their strengths and know what new team members you may need to add.

I have experienced the change firsthand in my online business….and it feels so rewarding when that foundation is solid …everything from goal setting, staying on track, team building, and training, getting new clients and making an impact just seems like a natural outcome!

What is making it hard for you to embrace your role as a Dentist CEO?

You’re in luck because I am offering you an opportunity to schedule a complimentary DentistCEO strategy call with me. This offer is for a limited time only.  I know you and your family deserve a great life too!

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